• Sep072021

    Cable stayed bridge inspection

    The inspected structure is located in Athens/Greece adopting the engineering genius of Architect Santiago Calatrava who designed this impressive footbridge, commonly known as “HARP BRIDGE”. The shape of the bridge looks like a harp inspired by the ancient Greek monuments and sculptures of the Classical Era.  The bridge is made of steel and is formed by a main curved pillar…

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  • Jul012021

    Post Tensioning in Jeddah – Makkah expressway in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The new Jeddah-Makkah expressway is one of the major components of the western road network facilitating the connection between Jeddah and Makkah for a faster and smoother travel. The specific structure/bridge 1 is a double carriageway of two spans, with simply supported PT beans, in total 56 beams. Each beam consists of two tendons with a typical length of 30.8m.…

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  • May132021

    Tamdeen Square Towers

    A recent picture of a finished project of LMK Post Tensioning system, back from 2018. Tamdeen towers remain the tallest residential building in the state of Kuwait, making us proud for participating in this record that still holds today.

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  • Apr092021

    Ground floor slab PT installation in Al Asfour Towers project in Kuwait

    When the going gets tough, the “LMK” get going… A demanding ground floor slab PT installation in Al Asfour Towers project in Kuwait, has just been accomplished. 25 tons of strands, 274  nos. of flat tendons of several sizes, 774 m total length of pt ducts, and endless efforts from all “ANA” Engineers and Technicians. LMK is amazed by your…

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  • Mar222021

    Bridge jacking & repair of bearing plinths

    Our team undertook the project to repair the bearing plinths of a highway overpass. Poor construction techniques such as insufficient compaction of concrete, concentration of debris and construction materials, poor mould fabrication and misalignment of elastomer bearings were evident on a highway overpass constructed about 20 years ago. The above issues raised concerns regarding the efficiency of load transfer mechanisms…

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  • Feb192021

    Al Asfour residential towers in Kuwait

    We are proud to share an architectural rendering of our ongoing project in Kuwait. Al Asfour residential towers will have 28 floors above ground and two underground parking levels in which the advantages of Post Tensioning in reinforced concrete flat slabs will be utilised. In this project, bonded multistrand Post Tensioning is implemented with LMK-SFL flat anchorages.

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  • Feb082021

    Application of LMK PT system in concrete slabs in Dubai, UAE

    Application of LMK bonded PT system, in concrete slabs, at a multistorey luxury residential building in Dubai. One Park Avenue – Sobha Hartland in Dubai, UAE is close to completion. Exploiting the benefits of PT slabs in this project, the construction of 12 levels, with a total area of 33,500 m2, was accomplished in 3,5 months.

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  • Feb012021

    Highway bridge inspection

    Our team of bridge inspectors executed the inspection of a double, five span, highway viaduct. The bridge, consisted of 60 cast in situ prestressed beams, rests on 120 (type 4) elastomeric bearings, has a total length of 160m, and a maximum height of 25m. The main objective of our inspection was to identify issues related with the current condition of…

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  • Jan152021

    European Technical Assessment Document (ETA) for LMK Post Tensioning Kit

    Dear LMK family, We have experienced hardship and adversity living through COVID-19 pandemic, global uncertainties and in many cases personal traumas and losses in 2020. However, tough times always bring out the best in all of us. We are pleased to announce that the LMK PT system has been awarded the ETA-20/0837 in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 305/211, on…

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  • Jan072021

    Multistorey luxury residential building in Dubai

    LMK Post Tensioning system is being implemented in a multistorey luxury residential building in Dubai. The building will be composed of exclusive apartments and sky gardens, offering striking views and high-end amenities. More pictures and updates will follow soon!

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  • Dec182020

    Highrise residential building in Kuwait

    LMK Post tensioning system is being implemented in a multistorey residential building in Kuwait. The building will be 117m high, having 28 floors above ground and two underground parking levels. More pictures and updates will be published soon!

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  • Oct292020

    Hydraulic bridge jacking and replacement of sliding bearings

    HiSCS team performed hydraulic jacking and replacement of two PTFE sliding elastomeric bearings. A jacking force of approximately 1900 tons was required in total, which was obtained by eight 250 tons capacity hydraulic jacks. Non-replaceable exposed metal parts were repainted, to prevent corrosion, and the existing sliding surfaces were maintained. The project took place over an old and abandoned railway…

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  • Aug262020

    Inspection & evaluation of port facilities

    HiSCS has been accomplished the inspection and evaluation of Duba sea-port container terminal facilities. Duba Port is a multipurpose port that lies in the Red-sea, in the North Western area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the development area of NEOM. The port is approximately 280 km from Aqaba (Jordan) to the North and 520 km from the industrial…

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  • Jul092020

    Bridge jacking and replacement of bearings

    Hydraulic jacking of both abutments was performed by our team, at a highway box girder bridge in Greece. Four (4) sliding guided elastomeric bearings were replaced in total, while the jacking load reached 3000 kN at each location. Also, non-replaceable exposed metal parts were repainted to prevent corrosion and the sliding surfaces were preserved accordingly.

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  • May062020

    Overnight bridge inspection

    HiSCS’s engineers performed an overnight bridge inspection to assess and evaluate the condition of an old and overused reinforced concrete bridge located at a very busy highway junction. The overpass is consisted of two 42m long parallel brunches, with two intermediate spans each.

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  • Mar202020

    External in-service inspection of crude oil tanks in KSA

    HiSCS Inspectors accomplished successfully the external inspection, while in service, of three (3) crude oil storage tanks located in a desalination plant in the province of Jazan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The inspection was in line with the American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 Standard “Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration & Reconstruction” with a scope to establish the corrosion rates,…

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  • Mar042020

    Rehabilitation of elastomeric bearings

    HiSCS S.A. performed maintenance works aiming to rehabilitate the load path mechanisms of an old reinforced concrete bridge. Poor construction techniques lead to the formation of gaps between the elastomeric bearing’s steel plates and the upper/lower plinth compromising the proper distribution of forces between the deck and the piers. Also, oxidation was detected on the bearing’s steel plates. Since there…

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  • Feb272020

    Seismic base-Isolation of private building

    Engineers of HiSCS performed the supervision of installation works of anti-seismic Lead Rubber Bearings (LRB) of a private building located in Athens Greece. In total twenty (20) LRB bearings have been installed following a methodology which has been designed by HiSCS so as to assure the prompt installation of these devices in line with the construction requirements and the building…

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  • Feb032020

    Kuwait Hyper Lapse

    Kuwait Infrastructures Drone Footages. A video edited and produced by Eng. Mourad Halimi, showing breathtaking views of Kuwait city infrastructures. Stay tuned!

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  • Jan312020

    LMK Post Tensioning system in Kuwait

    A recent update from a completed project of LMK Post Tensioning system. Tamdeen Towers located in Sabah Al Salem in Kuwait.

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  • Jan212020

    Replacement of bridge elastomeric expansion joints, west of Athens, Greece.

    Bridge maintenance works executed by HiSCS S.A. At this project, 4 meters of bridge expansion joint were replaced in total, by request of the operator, having a total movement capacity of ±50mm in longitudinal and ±50mm in transverse direction. Visit our youtube channel to see more!

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  • Jan072020

    Commercial & Residential building in Dubai

      LMK Post Tensioning System is being implemented in a new construction in Dubai. The building will comprise both commercial and residential use.

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  • Dec132019

    Workshop on Concrete Science & Advanced Methods for Evaluation of Concrete.

    HiSCS engineers attended the Educational Workshop dedicated to Concrete Science & Advanced Methods for Evaluation of Concrete, held by Germann Instruments and Geotest SA between 20 & 22 of November in Athens, Greece. During this workshop, we had the opportunity to enhance our understanding of basic concrete science and traditional and advanced methods for evaluation of concrete and concrete structures.…

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  • Nov132019

    Inspection of Seismic Dampers

          Inspection of 50 seismic dampers located in steel roof of Main Terminal Building of Athens International Airport performed by HiSCS. Dampers are devices (similar to steel pistons) which can absorb – through their hydraulic behavior – the kinetic energy  produced by the movement of the structure during an earthquake. They follow the constitutive law FD = C · vα…

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  • Oct152019

    Bearings Replacement & Repair – Jacking & Lifting of Superstructures

    The maintenance and repair/replacement works of bridge bearings in several structures in Athens Ring Road/Greece is under progress. Repair of bearing plinths, restoration of cracked and damaged elastomeric rubber using the cold vulcanization process, touch-up painting of rusted anchoring steel plates and grout filling of the gap between bearings contact surfaces with the structure are taking place. These specialized rehabilitation…

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  • Sep122019

    Elastomeric Bearings Inspection

    A thorough bearing inspection was performed by HiSCS’s staff in order to assess their capacity and the structure’s overall condition. The inspection took place at two bridges, located in central Greece, built about thirty years ago. The first one had a total length of about 90 meters with four intermediate spans, while the second had a total length of 45…

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  • Jul152019

    Installation of Elastomeric Expansion Joints in Newly Constructed Bridges

    HiSCS S.A. has completed the installation of new bridge expansion joints in two new bridges in central Greece. The project was consisted of the application of 40 meters of elastomeric expansion joints in total, having up to 250mm movement capacity.

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  • May312019

    Tatau Bridge in Malaysia

      Completion of final stitching and stressing of box-girder in Tatau bridge at Pan Borneo Highway using LMK-S19M15 anchorages. LMK Herculians did it again!

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  • May242019

    Jacking & Lifting of Bridge for Bearings Urgent Repair Works

    The remedial works executed by HiSCS did restore temporarily the contact areas of elastomeric bearings of an over 40 years old bridge, over Kallas river close to the city of Istiea at Evia island in Greece. During “Zorbas” cyclone, severe scour phenomena took place causing side tilting of one pier at about 8 cm. The superstructure (box girder) lost its…

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  • May202019

    Safety Training

    HiSCS staff has participated in the safety training seminar related with First Aid in Work-Emergencies performed by Rescue Training Int’l certified instructors. The first aid course followed the rescue protocols implemented by health care professionals. The course fully met the latest Int’l scientific publications on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and also includes all valid practices to provide first aid to adults children…

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  • May082019

    Repair of Expansion joints at Aircraft Bridge in Athens Int’l Airport

         HiSCS has successfully concluded the repair or expansion joints of the aircraft bridge No. 116 located in New Athens Int’l Airport, Elefterios Venizelos. The repair/maintenance works restored the drainage capacity of the flashing, the cracked transition stripes and elliptical holes of the rubber carpets. All works accomplished in 5 days in line with the relevant NOTAM issued by…

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  • Feb192019

    Inspection of Railway Culvert, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Inspection & evaluation of an old culvert in Hofuf-Dammam railway, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been performed by our Inspectors. A pilot inspection and evaluation regarding the actual condition of the culvert has been requested by Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) so as to verify the structural adequacy of the structure in line with the need of higher locomotive…

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  • Dec202018

    PT Slabs in GYM, State of Kuwait

    Another PT project accomplished successfully in the State of Kuwait. LMK flat anchorages have been used in the slabs of the DIVA Gym building speeding up the construction.

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  • Dec102018

    Inspection of Car Parking Building, King Fahad Int’l Airport, Riyadh, Kindom of Saudi Arabia

    Inspection of car parking facilities in King Fahad Int’l Airport in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been performed by our staff so as to verify the structural efficiency of the roof slab and propose remedial actions for the improvement of storm drain piping network.

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  • Nov042018

    Underwater Inspection, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

        HiSCS successfully accomplished in November 2018 a very demanding underwater inspection in Al-Shuqaiq Power Plant & Desalination facilities in Jizan province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Technical Authority of Al Shuqaiq Saline Water Conversion Company (SqWEC) assigned our staff to identify the current defects in the structure (inside and outside) by performing underwater inspection, non destructive testing (NDT) including…

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  • Oct152018

    Jacking, Lifting and Installation of Friction Pendulum Bearings at the “SIX Student Residence” in Nicosia, Cyprus.

    HiSCS S.A. participated in the construction of the “SIX Student Residence” in Nicosia, Cyprus. The 12-strorey “SIX Student Residence” is comprised of 6 distinctive towers, which include 307 luxury student residences and is topped-off by the exclusive UNIC Clubhouse, a jewel-like, all-glass 12th floor rooftop with restaurant, lounge and pool Our company’s involvement at this project was related to the…

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  • Sep202018

    Inspection of Aircraft Bridge, King Fahad Int’l Airport, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Inspection including NDT has been performed in East taxiway aircraft bridge (Tango) in King Fahad Int’l Airport in Riyadh, the biggest airport in the world in land area. A relevant report has been delivered to Riyadh Airports Technical Authority along with an inspection draft handbook describing the policies, standards and procedures for conducting an inspection program in all infrastructure, civil…

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  • Sep172018

    LMK Post Tensioned Concrete Silos Latest Pictures

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  • Sep052018

    Box Girder Bridge Pier with LMK Post Tensioning System. Tatau District, Bintulu Division, Sarawak, Malaysia

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  • Sep032018

    First Span Launch of LMK PT beams on LMK PT Crossheads at Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

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  • Aug222018

    Post Tensioned Concrete Silos Drone Video

    Visit our youtube channel to see more!

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  • Aug172018

    LMK PT Crossheads at Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

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  • Aug092018

    Post Tensioned Voided-Slab Bridge with LMK Fixed Coupler Anchorages

    Post Tensioning application at concrete voided-slab bridge. Part of the new road between Mina Abdullah City and Wafra.

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  • Aug032018

    Post Tensioning Works in Kuching, State of Sarawak, Malaysia

    LMK Post Tensioning works at Kuching. Part of the Development and Upgrading of the proposed Pan Borneo highway in the State of Sarawak in Malaysia.

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  • Jul112018

    PT in Pylons of Football Stadium, Athens, Greece

    A unique PT application in a football stadium in Greece is performed by HiSCS. The four (4) concrete pylons where the steel roof of the stadium will be suspended, consists of 256 PT bars in total (64 per pylon) with bar length ranging from 32m to 48m. The design requires a four elevation stages stressing per pylon and a quite…

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  • Jul082018

    Completion of PT Works at the New Road Between Saad Al Abdallah to Bohaith Gate

    Post Tensioning works have been completed at the new road between Saad Al Abdallah to Bohaith gate in Kuwait.

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  • Jun142018

    Athens Int’l Airport, Greece

    Following the routing inspection schedule of New Athens International Airport, the aircraft and road bridges complex has been inspected by our staff. Concrete, bearings, expansion joints, pavements, utilities and other structural elements were evaluated including recommendation for repair and rehabilitation.

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  • May182018

    Inspection of Underpasses in Riyadh

      Municipality of Riyadh has appointed our Inspection team to perform a thorough inspection in all structural elements (bearings, joints, retaining walls, pavement etc.), NDT & evaluation in four (4) underpasses U6-U14-U15-U16 in the city of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. . A full series of NDT has been performed such as Cut And Pull Out test (CAPO), Schmidt hammer,…

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  • May122018

    Concrete Box Girder Bridge Construction

      Concrete box girder bridge construction at the new road between Mina Abdullah City and Wafra.

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  • May072018

    Silos Progress

       Stressing is continued in Silos!

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