Inspection of viscous dampers

The bridge “Petra tou Romiou” is a valley bridge located in Limassol Pafos highway, Cyprus – with the following characteristics:

Total length: 422,60m.

Nos. of spans: 8 spans (max. 55.35m)

Pier height: max 60 m.

Deck: PT concrete box girder.

Construction method: Incremental launching.

Construction year: 2002

Fluid viscous dampers are seismic isolation devices based on the principle of dissipation of energy in case of an earthquake, due to fluid flow through orifices. The damper consists of a steel piston, a steel cylinder divided into two champers by the piston head, a compressible hydraulic fluid (silicone oil), and an accumulator for smooth fluid circulation.

4 Viscus Dampers installed in each abutment (2 per branch) with capacity of axial load 1100KN and stroke of ±155mm. In total 8 dampers have been thorough inspected by HiSCS Inspectors.

The inspection did also record the oil and N2 accumulator pressures to verify the functionality status of the devices.

An inspection report has been issued including the evaluation rating of the viscous dampers, with recommended actions based on the priority and severity of the findings.

It is widely acknowledged that a well-managed transport infrastructure is vital to a country’s economic stability, development and social well-being.

Structural elements such as viscous dampers are fundamental to the structural efficiency because they are essential tools to absorb seismic activity.

They must remain in operation from year to year, constantly transferring the design loads in a way that ensures that they are Safe to Use and Suitable for the Purpose they have been manufactured for.



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