HiSCS is a General Trading and Contracting Company with 35 years of experience in design, supply, application and support of specialized products for large scale constructions such as bridges, highways and buildings. Based on years of experience and holding a strong team of specialized professionals, HiSCS, efficiently deals with solutions in a wide range of projects requiring sophisticated know-how.

Offering a broad range of professional services, and committed to the highest level of performance, HiSCS can successfully accomplish projects, meeting all requirements of the modern construction industry and standards. Due to our high-quality equipment, we can carry out even the most demanding project, wherever is required (water, air or ground), providing high-end solutions.

Being owners and global suppliers of LMK Post Tensioning System (anchorages, hardware, equipment and other PT accessories), HiSCS has the advantage of offering a unique tool providing also installation, supervision and training.

HiSCS specializes in inspections, technical evaluation reports, NDT, monitoring, calculation reports and structural design. Furthermore, we provide specialized engineering support on demanding projects such as jacking, moving and lifting of bridges and structures for replacement, repair and maintenance of state-of-the-art structural elements (seismic base isolation devices, hydraulic dampers, bearings, expansion joints, road and traffic safety elements, etc.).

In addition, HiSCS is a supplier of a full range of specialized equipment and machinery such us inspection tools, lifting & stressing jacks, pumps, threading and grouting machines, de-coilers, grout test and hydraulic pressure apparatus, presetting and deforming devices, mixers & tanks, lifting & hoisting devices.


timeplan is essential

Working at heights, underwater, in confined spaces, under traffic, and in other demanding working environments, a carefully designed methodology plan and concept adapted to the needs of each project is essential for the successful and in time execution of works.



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