New Doubling Track Denchai-Chiang Rai-Chiang Klong in Thailand

The Den Chai – Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong Railway is a new railway in Northern Thailand. The project deals with the construction of a new railway about 103 km long. The railway structure comprises ground-level and elevated railway running track, ground-level railway stations (in total 26) and tunnels (in total 13.9Km) among them the longest (6,2Km) in Thailand. The main highlight of this project is that it is being built with no level crossings as the complete line will be fenced in.

There will be 254 points along the way that will have bridges and underpasses where PT anchorages will be utilized.

LMK anchorages size M13 (12,7mm 7-wire strand diameter) were approved to be used for this project. More than 60000 anchorages will be used for the construction of post-tensioned elements.

Production of about 3000 units per month will be established in LMK factory so as to fulfil the needs of this project.  

Load transfer and tensile testing based on European Assessment Document EAD 160004-00–0301 (ETA) specifications were executed successfully in an independent lab proving the quality of LMK PT system.

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