Bearings Replacement & Repair – Jacking & Lifting of Superstructures

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The maintenance and repair/replacement works of bridge bearings in several structures in Athens Ring Road/Greece is under progress. Repair of bearing plinths, restoration of cracked and damaged elastomeric rubber using the cold vulcanization process, touch-up painting of rusted anchoring steel plates and grout filling of the gap between bearings contact surfaces with the structure are taking place.

These specialized rehabilitation works are aiming to restore the proper function of bearings by maintaining the anticorrosion protection of inner and outer reinforcement of rubber and prolong the service life.

Additionally, jacking and lifting of superstructure, using hydraulic jacks in sufficient number, stroke and lifting capacity (45mm/250t each) is implemented in cases where the replacement of a malfunctioned bearing is needed.

All restoration works are in line with the findings of the routine inspection program performed by the highway Operator in order to evaluate the actual condition of bridges and establish a robust inspection-maintenance regime prolonging the functionality of the structural elements by ensuring public safety and public investment.

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