Inspection of Seismic Dampers

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Inspection of 50 seismic dampers located in steel roof of Main Terminal Building of Athens International Airport performed by HiSCS.

Dampers are devices (similar to steel pistons) which can absorb – through their hydraulic behavior – the kinetic energy  produced by the movement of the structure during an earthquake.

They follow the constitutive law FD = C · vα (MN) where:

C = coefficient of damping {MN x (s/m)α},

v = velocity (m/s) and

α = exponent value commonly between 0,10 και 0,50.

The exponent α, if not specified by the design, can be defined by the manufacturer based on the following criteria:

-dampers will not develop resistance during slow velocities/deformations of structure (i.e. case of thermal expansions & contractions

-should activate fast in case of earthquake

The properties of the hydraulic fluid of dampers (viscosity) as well as the design details of the units are considered and unique expertise & know-how of the manufacturer.

HiSCS Engineers accomplished the inspection and evaluation of these devices in about one week, during mid-night hours to avoid any annoyance of the passengers and Airport facilities operation using a telescopic basket lift inspection vehicle.

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