Calatrava Stayed Cable Bridge – Special Inspection & Maintenance

HiSCS bridge inspectors and technicians, together with the stayed cable manufacturer’s specialist, accomplished the detailed inspection of the cables and anchorages of the pedestrian stayed cable bridge, located in Athens, Greece commonly known as “HARP BRIDGE” or Calatrava bridge – a name adopted from the Architect Santiago Calatrava who designed this impressive footbridge. The shape of the bridge looks like an harp inspired by the ancient Greek monuments and sculptures of the Classical Era.

What makes this bridge one of its kind is the arrangement of the cable-stay back span. In an asymmetric cable-stay bridge, where the main span is longer than the back-span, the back-span cables are generally anchored to the ground to provide the necessary stability. In most such bridges, the back-span cables are angled so that they provide a horizontal force, helping the bridge’s mast to resist the horizontal pull from the main-span cables. On this specific bridge, the two back-span cables are vertical, resisting none of the sideways pull from the main span. Instead, that pull is absorbed through the curvature of the pylon, as a compressive thrust.

The inspection took place at the anchorages of the two (2) vertical and the fourteen (14) angles high strength steel wire cables by which the steel deck (94m walkway of about 6m width) is suspended from the main curved pillar (50m height).

This type of inspection is considered as a special inspection in line with the remarks and proposals of the overall bridge routine inspection and evaluation.

A telescopic crane was used to access the anchorages located on the vertical pylon.

Anchorage’s body units were partially disassembled and cleaned so as the inspectors are able to collect information regarding their condition and evaluate their structural integrity.

HiSCS adopted a special laser device to remove superficial oxidation, restoring the rusted areas of the anchorages body. New-end cables protective cover has been designed and installed by HiSCS for further evaluation and testing. A detailed inspection and evaluation report with classifications, ratings and maintenance proposals was delivered to the bridge operator.

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