Lifting & Jacking of Oil Terminal Jetty – Bearings Replacement

The jacking and lifting works to replace the structural bearings supporting the steel pipe racks of an oil terminal jetty located in Cyprus have been accomplished by HiSCS.

Marine oil terminals jetties are storage depots for oil, fuels, and petrochemical products providing a deep water mooring for tankers. Jetties have loading/unloading arms and pipe racks for transferring petrochemicals to/from ships to shore storage tanks.

The jetties are designed to withstand the petrochemical cargo loads, wind, seismic and vessel accidental collisions.

The multi-span steel trestle is located on pile caps and is supported on bearings of several types including viscous dampers.

An accidental detachment of two existing bearings from the steel superstructure has been revealed during the routine inspection.

More precisely, the upper anchoring steel plates of bearings had been shifted (failure of mechanical anchoring with the steel superstructure) jeopardizing the proper transfer of service and seismic loads.

Two (2) hydraulic jacks of lifting capacity 390tons each, connected in parallel with a hydraulic pump were used to lift the superstructure in order to remove the existing bearings and replace them with new.

HiSCS studied and designed the lifting methodology by providing the hydraulic equipment (jacks, pumps, hoses, gauges, distribution plates etc.) coordinating the site as well works of the lifting, jacking and bearings replacement.

HiSCS Engineers & Technicians successfully accomplished the works in a very demanding environment following all safety precautions and requirements of the petrochemical facility.  

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