Jacking & Lifting of Bridge for Bearings Urgent Repair Works

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The remedial works executed by HiSCS did restore temporarily the contact areas of elastomeric bearings of an over 40 years old bridge, over Kallas river close to the city of Istiea at Evia island in Greece. During “Zorbas” cyclone, severe scour phenomena took place causing side tilting of one pier at about 8 cm. The superstructure (box girder) lost its proper contact with the bearings around the corner, jeopardizing the proper transmission of traffic loads due to torsional and bending stresses. A two flat jacks of 265 tons capacity each have been used to lift the superstructure by about 2 cm. Using a fast curing mortar, both contacts areas have been restored by casting bearings plinths of appropriate height. The works have been performed on urgent basis and completed in  2 days.

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