Inspection & evaluation of port facilities

HiSCS has been accomplished the inspection and evaluation of Duba sea-port container terminal facilities.

Duba Port is a multipurpose port that lies in the Red-sea, in the North Western area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the development area of NEOM. The port is approximately 280 km from Aqaba (Jordan) to the North and 520 km from the industrial city of Yanbu to the South. Construction of the port commenced approximately 25 years ago with the container quay wall and yard being completed in 2017.

The port covers an area of about 11.25 million m2 and comprises among other marine facilities a container berth quay wall 550 m in length and a container storage with handling area and administration buildings with approximate area of 290,000 m2

The inspection performed in the container terminal area, berth mooring area, quay walls, fenders, ladders and bollards, including underwater inspection of contiguous piles. The inspection was flourished with Non Destructive Testing such as underwater ultrasonic for the piles, Schmidt hammer, thermography, concrete properties measurements, and detailed inspection in all structural elements including communication 4G signalling measurements, topographic & MEP survey (light masts, lift & pump stations, water tanks, reefer sub-stations, stormwater / sewage manholes, drainage discharges, electrical room, medium voltage transformers), container crane railings, aiming to evaluate the current condition of the container terminal operational status.

The works have been accomplished by a team of Engineers, Inspectors, Divers, Surveyors, NDT technicians and assistants (in total 18) for a period of about 2 months in a demanding environment COVID-19 shield status, respecting work permits and safety inductions on daily basis.

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