PT in Pylons of Football Stadium, Athens, Greece

IMG_20181211_091403 IMG_20190124_092059 IMG_20190124_101451 IMG-20190123-WA0002 IMG-20190208-WA0010

A unique PT application in a football stadium in Greece is performed by HiSCS. The four (4) concrete pylons where the steel roof of the stadium will be suspended, consists of 256 PT bars in total (64 per pylon) with bar length ranging from 32m to 48m. The design requires a four elevation stages stressing per pylon and a quite demanding vertical installation using couplers. Due to vertical positioning of PT bars and the high elevation of 48m the grout application performed under a pressure of +7bars. A system using a state of the art technology of fibre optics has been implemented to monitor the differential movement of the pylons after stressing in line with the design requirements.

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