• Oct292020

    Hydraulic bridge jacking and replacement of sliding bearings

    HiSCS team performed hydraulic jacking and replacement of two PTFE sliding elastomeric bearings. A jacking force of approximately 1900 tons…

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  • Mar042020

    Rehabilitation of elastomeric bearings

    HiSCS S.A. performed maintenance works aiming to rehabilitate the load path mechanisms of an old reinforced concrete bridge. Poor construction…

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  • Jan212020

    Replacement of bridge elastomeric expansion joints, west of Athens, Greece.

    Bridge maintenance works executed by HiSCS S.A. At this project, 4 meters of bridge expansion joint were replaced in total,…

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  • Oct152019

    Bearings Replacement & Repair – Jacking & Lifting of Superstructures

    The maintenance and repair/replacement works of bridge bearings in several structures in Athens Ring Road/Greece is under progress. Repair of…

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  • Jul152019

    Installation of Elastomeric Expansion Joints in Newly Constructed Bridges

    HiSCS S.A. has completed the installation of new bridge expansion joints in two new bridges in central Greece. The project…

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  • May242019

    Jacking & Lifting of Bridge for Bearings Urgent Repair Works

    The remedial works executed by HiSCS did restore temporarily the contact areas of elastomeric bearings of an over 40 years…

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  • May082019

    Repair of Expansion joints at Aircraft Bridge in Athens Int’l Airport

         HiSCS has successfully concluded the repair or expansion joints of the aircraft bridge No. 116 located in New…

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  • May222017

    LMK Photos & Videos

    PROJECTS in PROGRESS, STAY TUNED!      RA-225 – New road from Saad Al Abdallah to Bohaith Gate – I/C 01-02-03-04…

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