LMK Advantages

• Compact anchorages to facilitate the installation and grouting of the tendons.
• Anchorages design to satisfy the Design requirements of Int’l Standards, European (EN ‐ ETAG 013) & AASHTO LRFD‐10, F.I.B. (International Concrete Federation) & PTI (Post Tensioning Institute) Recommendations.
• Wide selection of anchorages & jacks from 1 up to 37 strands (round) & 2 up to 5 strands (flat) allowing the Consultants to provide an economical design and specify improved technical feasibilities (proper cable deviations & losses).
37 different anchorage sizes and different types contributing to the Economy of the Design & Construction.
Easy connection with standard or enlarged steel or plastic sheaths (flat and round).

LMK Hardware meeting Int’l Standards and Specifications

• Bearing plates formed with cast iron units/ ASTM‐A536 – EN‐1563
• Steel anchor & coupling heads, couplers, swages/ ASTM‐A29‐5140 ‐ EN‐10080
• Wedges/ ASTM‐A29‐4130 – EN‐10083
• Swages, collars & protective covers/ ASTM‐A519 – EN‐10210
• EIT anchorages
• Customized upon request

PC Strands (7‐wire) meeting Int’l Standards and Specifications ASTM‐A416 & prEN‐10138

• All types of 7‐wire strands 0.5’’ & 0,6’’ (12.5mm‐12.7mm‐12.9mm‐15.2mm‐15.3mm‐15.7mm)

Sheaths & Coupling

• All types (steel & plastic‐HDPE/PP, corrugated and plain)/ FIB bulletin report 7 and FDOT – ASTM D 638‐790‐1505‐2240 ‐ EN‐523/524/10346 – ISO 179
• All sizes from inner diameter 45mm up to 150mm round
• Flat ducts 50 x 23 up to 90 x 23mm
• All types of couplers (Push to Fit, Heat Shrink, Segmental, Slip on etc.)

Grouting ancillaries

• Grouting tubes (corrugated and plain)
• Grouting ports for steel and plastic sheath
• Grouting & venting valves (with sliding port)
• Venting taps in and outside
• Tapping saddles
• Grouting caps

Light-weight Equipment & tool/testing apparatus

• Strand de‐coilers
• Stressing pumps
• Front and rear lock (hollow) stressing jacks
• Mono‐strand jacks
• Swage jacks
• Strand threading machines (hydraulic & electric)
• Grout tanks, mixer and pumps
• Butt & grout port welding
• Steel Duct forming machines
• Grout fluidity cone and bleeding test apparatus