• Jul092020

    Bridge jacking and replacement of bearings

    Hydraulic jacking of both abutments was performed by our team, at a highway box girder bridge in Greece. Four (4)…

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  • May062020

    Overnight bridge inspection

    HiSCS’s engineers performed an overnight bridge inspection to assess and evaluate the condition of an old and overused reinforced concrete…

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  • Mar202020

    External in-service inspection of crude oil tanks in KSA

    HiSCS Inspectors accomplished successfully the external inspection, while in service, of three (3) crude oil storage tanks located in a…

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  • Mar042020

    Rehabilitation of elastomeric bearings

    HiSCS S.A. performed maintenance works aiming to rehabilitate the load path mechanisms of an old reinforced concrete bridge. Poor construction…

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  • Feb272020

    Seismic base-Isolation of private building

    Engineers of HiSCS performed the supervision of installation works of anti-seismic Lead Rubber Bearings (LRB) of a private building located…

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  • Jan312020

    LMK Post Tensioning system in Kuwait

    A recent update from a completed project of LMK Post Tensioning system. Tamdeen Towers located in Sabah Al Salem in…

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  • Dec132019

    Workshop on Concrete Science & Advanced Methods for Evaluation of Concrete.

    HiSCS engineers attended the Educational Workshop dedicated to Concrete Science & Advanced Methods for Evaluation of Concrete, held by Germann…

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  • Apr272018

    LMK Post Tensioning System Participated at the 2018 IABSE Spring Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Title “Engineering the Developing World” Between 25 & 27 of April 2018.

    HiSCS Engineers performed a presentation in which the advantages of Post Tensioning were highlighted through one of our recent projects, under…

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  • Jun302017

    LMK Application (IOS version)

    Allow us to introduce the  new “member” of the family. LMK app is now available in iOS for mobiles and…

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  • May242017

    Post-Tensioning Seminar for Site Engineers

    Experienced HiSCS specialists gave a post-tensioning seminar for site engineers in the State of Kuwait in which the benefits of…

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