Seismic base-Isolation of private building

Seismic base-Isolation of private building
February 27, 2020 lmk systems
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Engineers of HiSCS performed the supervision of installation works of anti-seismic Lead Rubber Bearings (LRB) of a private building located in Athens Greece. In total twenty (20) LRB bearings have been installed following a methodology which has been designed by HiSCS so as to assure the prompt installation of these devices in line with the construction requirements and the building design codes.

Seismic base isolation, is one of the most popular means of protecting a structure against earthquake forces. The fundamental principle of a base isolation system is to alter the response of the building structure so that the ground below it can move easily without transmitting these motion forces to the building above. This is achieved by using special anti-seismic bearings, in our case LRB, thus isolating the superstructure from its substructure that is resting on a shaking ground.

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