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HiSCS is a General Trading and Contracting Company dealing with the supply and application of the LMK Post Tensioning System (manufacturer, supplier & installer) for Civil Engineering applications in the infrastructure industry (bridges & buildings).

Having experience of more than 30 years in the field of specialized Engineering services, HiSCS can provide services in design, inspection , under-water & off-shore inpection, NDT, evaluation, supervision, maintenance & retrofitting of structural elements requiring sophisticated know‐how such as Bridge Bearings, Expansion Joints, Post-tensioned elements, Road Traffic & Highway Safety Systems. Offering a broad range of professional services HiSCS can successfully accomplish demanding projects meeting all requirements of the modern construction industry and Standards.

HiSCS is a supplier of a full range of specialized equipments and machinery such us inspection tools, lifting & stressing jacks, pumps, threading and grouting machines, de-coilers, grout test and hydraulic pressure apparatus, presetting and deforming devices, mixers & tanks, lifting & hoisting devices.

Supply and application of the LMK Post Tensioning System (manufacturer, supplier & installer)

Jacking and Lifting of Bridges, Replacement, Repair and Maintenance of Bridge Bearings

Installation, Replacement, Repair & Maintenance of Bridge Expansion Joints &Traffic Safety elements

Inspection of structures, specialized under-water & off-shore inspections, NDT, Issuance of Technical Evaluation & Calculation Reports & Designs

Full range of specialized equipment & machinery needed for the proper execution of works

Engineering Support, Desing Consulting from Project’s commencement to completion


HiSCS brings together broad-minded professionals with complementary skills  and long standing experience in Post-Tensioning materials, Inspection & Evaluation, Maintenance & Repair, on a uniquely global scale

The power to influence the future of the built environment carries with it a weighty responsibility. Putting sustainability at the heart of its projects, HiSCS exerts a positive influence on the wider world.

HiSCS’s observation techniques and activities have been used effectively to satisfy requirements for quality. The planned and systematic activities are implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service are fulfilled.

Quality Policy

EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Certificate Registration No.:00117386065237

EN ISO 14001:2015 Certification

Certificate Registration No.:20051180000580

ISO 45001:2018 Certification

Certificate Registration No.:20151180000581

LMK Post-Tensioning materials

All types of anchorages, PC strands, plastic and steel ducts, grouting accessories and full range PT equipment & machinery

Bridges, Buildings & Highways

Installation, Supervision, Inspection, NDT, Maintenance & Retrofitting of structural elements

Supply & installation-supervision of specialized technology materials for infrastructure, such as LMK post tensioning materials, bearings and expansion joints, traffic & road safety systems.

Maintenance & Repair of structural elements, jacking and lifting of superstructures, bearings and expansion joints installation/repair/replacement, road traffic & safety devices, etc.

Making things work & making things work better


among different perspectives and territories of expertise


with Ethical Consideration


by integrating diverse perspectives

Creative problem-solving

with cross-disciplinary approaches

Advanced Technologies

 respecting Safety, Quality & Environmental issues


 to Successful Completion of Demanding Trading & Construction Projects

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